6 Tips for Dating If You Have IBD

If you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) you may find the idea of dating intimidating. You may worry about what the other person will think of you if you spend too much time in the bathroom on a date. However, there's no reason why IBD sufferers can't enjoy dating and become intimate with a partner. To help ease your concern, we've put together a list of tips to help you overcome any hurdles you may face using information from health.com. 1. Wait until you feel well. First dates are stressful enough without adding in an extra burden of feeling ill. If you feel a flare coming on, postpone your date and reschedule when you're feeling well again. 2. Pick your venue wisely. Avoid restaurants that serve food that aggravates your Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. Pick a venue that has good bathroom facilities and plan the timing of your date so that you can hopefully use your own bathroom at home before you meet up. 3. Take emergency supplies with you. Pack your bag with a change of underwear, toilet roll, and wet wipes so you're prepared in the case of any bathroom mishaps. Carry any medications with you in case you're out at the time you need to take them. Find out more about how Crohn's disease affects intimacy. 4. Choose when to tell your date you have IBD. Telling your date that you have IBD will help future dates go smoothly, since they'll then understand what you go through. Some people tell their dates right away, while others wait until they know they have a connection and feel they may have a future together. It's probably wise not to go into fine details about your symptoms over dinner on a first date. 5. Educate your partner about the condition. When you do decide to disclose your IBD, take the time to properly educat
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