Traveling with Hope and Crohn’s Disease

Traveling with Hope and Crohn’s Disease
I'm writing this column a few days earlier than usual because I'm off tomorrow for a week-long trip to a conference my husband goes to for work every year. I'm happy to go with him, as this past September we became empty-nesters, which gives me the opportunity not to worry about my kids' schedules and enjoy traveling with him a little more. (I plan to go only to the good places!) It's a fun conference and I'm looking forward to it. There are guest speakers who usually are quite famous and it's in a warmer climate. The food is great and I have a friend from high school who lives in this city, so we're going to get together for lunch. I have a professional massage scheduled. Sounds fabulous, right? Deep down, of course, my number-one issue is, Will I get sick?  I have to make sure I pack all of my regular medications, plus my emergency medications, in case a flare-up occurs. I'm just coming out of the last flare-up that lasted about two months and am not interested in repeating that. Last time, it started while we were away on a trip. I distinctly remember that one day I was eating a yummy salad and by that night, I couldn't bear to look at any food. The next morning I was nauseous and the rest of the trip I had to severely limit my activity. I worry, will that happen again? The answer is that I don't know. I'm hoping for the best and, as they say, expecting the worst. That's where all the extra meds come in. I want to be prepared. Last year I was on my 25th anniversary vacation when I got as sick as I've ever been. Instead of enjoying fabulous meals, my weight in just a few days plummeted to below 100 pounds. I could barely walk. My husband almost took me to the hospital. I was on the phone constantly with my doctor. I did not enjoy that trip at all. But
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