uBiome CEO Headlined Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm HEALTH event

uBiome CEO Headlined Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm HEALTH event

uBiome co-founder and chief executive officer, Jessica Richman, PhD, spoke at the inaugural Fortune Brainstorm HEALTH event, which took place in San Diego Nov. 1-2.

Richman joined speakers Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, Sean Parker and Maria Shriver to unite a new community of leaders spearheading a so-called “healthcare revolution.”

Themed “Seizing the Disruptive Opportunity,” the invitation-only conference aimed to apply the problem-solving potential of new technologies in the world of healthcare in groundbreaking ways to transform the medical field, according to a press release.

Richman, who spoke Nov. 2, co-founded uBiome in 2012. At the event, uBiome was scheduled to launch the first sequencing-based clinical microbiome test, SmartGut, which was created to deliver specific information to doctors and patients about micro-organisms that are crucial to gut health.

Since it launched four years ago, uBiome has sequenced the microbiome — the assembly of micro-organisms that live in our bodies — of tens of thousands of scientists. According to Richman, a former Stanford and Oxford Universities economics, engineering and computational social science student, uBiome’s mission is to explore questions about the microbiome and develop reliable clinical tests based on the microbiome.

uBiome is a microbial genomics company that uses DNA sequencing to identify micro-organisms in people’s microbiomes. Particularly, micro-organisms in the gut play a supporting role in digestion and in synthesizing vitamins, but pathogenic microbes have been linked to conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), autoimmune disease, diabetes, and heart and skin conditions.

“The gut microbiome is increasingly being associated with a wide range of conditions, but it’s probably never been more true that we can only manage what we can measure. At uBiome, we envision a world in which our technology informs the day-to-day work of doctors, a world where screening a patient’s microbiome is as commonplace as a physician ordering a blood test is today,” Richman said in the press release.

Fortune Brainstorm HEALTH is Fortune Magazine’s event. Main stage sessions were broadcast live and full sessions from the main stage also will be available on demand after the event on Fortune Magazine’s YouTube channel.