Peptide-Based Oral Drugs for Bowel Diseases Closer to Development

Peptide-Based Oral Drugs for Bowel Diseases Closer to Development
UQlogoUniversity of Queensland's spin-off biotech company Protagonist Therapeutics is getting closer to developing peptide-based first-in-class oral drugs Protagonistfor treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) including Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). The oral therapy has the potential to benefit millions of IBD patients worldwide. Protagonist Therapeutics raised $118 million in Australian dollars (roughly $91 million in U.S. dollars) in its initial public offering of $7.5 million shares earlier this month. Shares began trading on NASDAQ on August 11 under the symbol "PTGX". The company notes on its website that there were an estimated 1.6 million IBD patients in the United States in 2013. Global Data in 2012 estimated that UC and CD markets had reached approximately $4.2 billion and $3.2 billion, respectively across ten major markets. The markets were expected to grow at a compound annual rate of approximately 3-5 percent through 2022. Protagonist Therapeutics further observes that current
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  1. Dawn Shelton says:

    Bravo to these intelligent researchers and scientists. Your work is appreciated. Please continue as we desperately need a cure for Crohn’s!

  2. Dan G says:

    I wanted to thank every one of you guys working on these treatments! A few months ago, I lost 25lbs in 1 month as my 2nd child was born. I then gained 42lbs the following 2 months as I was under the influence of large doses of Prednisone. My family also suffered as I was too weak and emotionally compromised by the pain and prednisone side effects such as waking up 6 times a night for bathroom visits. Colitis had ravaged my colon and my family.
    I’m now on Entyvio and almost 100%, but still working off the issues prednisone has left behind. I’m finally able to be a good father but I fear the drug will stop being effective as it has with my mom. I hope these drugs work and bring you guys great riches as it will be well deserved.
    Again, thanks so much!

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