Promising New Ulcerative Colitis Therapy Revealed in COLLECT Trial Result

Promising New Ulcerative Colitis Therapy Revealed in COLLECT Trial Result
A research team led by Christopher Hawkey, a professor from Nottingham University Hospitals, U.K., reported promising results for a novel potential therapy for ulcerative colitis - cobitolimod. The study "Clinical effects of a topically applied Toll- receptor 9 agonist in active moderate to severe ulcerative colitis,published in the Journal of Crohn's and Colitis (JCC), investigated the drug's treatment potential in 131 patients. The study, called the COLLECT clinical trial, included patients with moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis, and those who responded poorly to conventional therapy. Patients received either 30 mg of cobitolimod or a placebo in two separate rectal doses at the beginning of the study and at week four. The drug was administered in addition to standard therapies. Cobitolimod functions as a TLR9 agonist, which enhances its function and leads to the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines — agents that play an important role in reducing inflammation and healing mucosal wounds. TLR9, a Toll-like receptor, is important for protection against intestinal damage and for intestinal repair. The study was conducted across seven European countries at multiple sites, and was funded by the drug's manufacturer InDex Pharmaceuticals. Cobitolimod is a first-in
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  1. Doris Brown says:

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a year and a half ago, none of the medication doctors have given me work, the intestinal pain which effects my left side, back and legs is effecting my job and personnel life, I have changed my diet several times trying to get relief to no avail, bleeding has become common place, doctors will not prescribe pain medications, I do not know what else to do

    • Nk adhikary. says:

      I was passing through the traumatic condition of the disease. But now it is in remission. Take advice of good gastroentrologist. Because depending on your condition you may need steroids & other medicines. I was treated with steroids, messacol enema, messacol tablet. Now i am on maintenance dose of 4 tab twice daily. You must continue medicine.

  2. Kathleen Jeffrey says:

    Try the Elaine Gotshall diet (carb. free).
    Book is called ‘Break this Vicious Cycle’
    It really worked for me.
    Good luck. 👍🏼

  3. Terrie Kurtzhals says:

    I went to Colorado on vacation tried marijuana gummies, what a difference, no pain no BM’s. Willing to do again!

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