14 Clinical Trials Frequently Asked Questions

13. Isn’t there a way to get treatments for serious medical conditions approved for use faster? The FDA does have what is called a Fast Track Designation, which helps to make drugs available faster if they are used for a life-threatening condition or if they can help fulfill an unmet medical need. A drug company developing the treatment needs to request Fast Track Designation. This can be done at any time during the treatment development process. After a drug company requests Fast Track Designation, the FDA has 60 days to make a decision. 14. How can someone participate in a clinical trial? Companies developing treatments often have contact information available on their websites that interested participants use to find out how to be included in a trial. The medical centers conducting the trials may also have contact information. Trials conducted in the United States are registered with Clinicaltrials.gov, and individuals responsible for enrolling trials will have their contact information listed there. CenterWatch is another site that helps connect people with clinical trials. Learn more about IBD here: http://bit.ly/learnIBD
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