You Could Change the Future of IBD

You Could Change the Future of IBD

With your participation in research, you may change the future of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Today there are very few medications for inflammatory bowel disease.  We believe genetics (your DNA) may play a critical role in developing these IBD treatments.

Genetics has started playing a larger role in medicine over the past few years, and could provide insight as to why some people are more likely to get IBD and why people respond differently to treatment options and drugs.

Our research objective.

To understand the genetic associations found between IBD patients’ DNA and their disease, and apply this understanding to drug development efforts with our research partner Pfizer.

What makes this research different?

It’s accessible.  You can participate anonymously, without leaving your home, and in just fifteen minutes.

Traditional research studies may involve out-of-home blood tests, visits to clinics, nurse practitioner calls and local research facility visits.  And, if you don’t live close to a research facility, you may not even have the opportunity to participate.

How to participate.

If you are eligible to participate, we will send you a 23andMe DNA saliva kit at no cost.  You will be asked to take a 15-minute survey online with questions about your IBD journey, symptoms and response to treatments.

This research study is open to anyone who has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis and has access to the internet.

Our promise to you.

No one can promise a cure or a treatment, but we can promise to be transparent in our research efforts and to empower other researchers and scientists with IBD genetic data in a time when resources and funding can be scarce.

We believe your genetic data can be used for good.

Learn more and join the IBD study today:


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