Treatment of IBD Moves Forward with Partnership Between Synlogic and AbbVie to Develop New Class of Medicines

Treatment of IBD Moves Forward with Partnership Between Synlogic and AbbVie to Develop New Class of Medicines
Synlogic recently announced the establishment of a global Research and Development collaboration with AbbVie to develop innovative medicines for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), taking advantage of Synlogic’s proprietary approach for a new class of synthetic biotic medicines powering the microbiome. As a privately-held biopharma based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Synlogic is advancing the development of a novel class of therapeutics called synthetic biotics. These synthetic biotics are produced from natural probiotic bacteria that are engineered to work in the gut microbiome and carry out specific metabolic transformations to correct any metabolic dysregulation across the body that may cause disease. This innovative approach allows the transformation of a corrected and improved metabolic function from a disease organ by targeting the microbiome. Synlogic will be responsible for the discovery, characterization, and optimization of the synthetic biotics-based drug candidates, through a Research and Development program that covers a series of effectors able to modulate IBD pathophysiology. Special emphasis will be given to ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. “Synlogic’s innovative approach to targeting the microbiome offers a new way to address inflammatory bowel disease,” AbbVie’s vice-president of pharmaceutical discovery, Jim Sullivan, said in a press release. “AbbVie is committed to collaborating with scientific leaders wit
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  1. Sandra Mickelson says:

    This will certainly be wonderful. I do believe that it is the microbiome of our guts that is the major factor in the cause of IBD. It is unfortunate that the regulatory process is so slow. It takes the FDA far too long to process the trial results and take action. We will likely not see these new drugs approved and available for 10 years

  2. Dawn Shelton says:

    Thank you to the intelligent researchers and scientists. Please continue your hard work and diligent efforts to find a cure for Crohn’s disease. We desperately need a cure! Your commitment is appreciated.

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