Good Gut Health May Depend on a Few Good Microbes

Good Gut Health May Depend on a Few Good Microbes
In a recent study published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, a team of researchers from the University of Oregon (UO) discovered that strength in numbers does not hold true for intestinal microbes, and that, in fact, a minority population of the right type might hold the key to regulating a good health. An

Knowledge is power when living with IBD.

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  1. Majeed Aldamah says:

    yes it is progress each day ,but till now we don’t find
    any PRACTICAL solution for IBD ,IBS and others that not specified yet or not related to IBD ,IBS. Believe me most
    of these diseases come from food raw and processed )that produced by companies looking for huge profits because they make genetic deviation and Hermon’s to plant and animals. they looking for quantity not quality .It must be for change and added new food laws for these companies. The consumers(misery people)have no option to chose food because all offered food at markets (processed or raw even so called organic )is bad so what they chose??, they chose the less bad one My kind Regards

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