UCSD Scientists and Illumina Team Up to Create Human Microbiome Data Platform

UCSD Scientists and Illumina Team Up to Create Human Microbiome Data Platform
The human microbiome has been the subject of increasing research, with scientists determined to unravel its role in a wide range of conditions including obesity, asthma, allergies, and inflammatory conditions of the gut. Because of the extensive diversity of the human body's microbiome, as more and more research is conducted, there is an overflow of microbial sequence data in need of more systematic organization for more effective analyses. Rob Knight, PhD, professor of pediatrics and computer science and engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), School of Medicine, has developed a solution to organize this large volume of data through a microbiome analysis platform named QIIME (pronounced “chime” and short for “Quantitative Insights Into Microbial Ecology”). This platform can be accessed internationally through BaseSpace, an app that uses cloud technology by San Diego-based Illumina, a company that specializes in developing tools for life sciences and genetic studies. “Previously, we relied on personal contacts and scientific publications to spread the word about QIIME, and then users needed to download several different software packages to their own computers. Users also needed some technical programming skills to use QIIME,” explained Dr. Knight in a news release. “By working with Illumina, not only will many more researchers now be able to access QIIME from the cloud, the BaseSpace interface will make it much easier for non-technical researchers to analyze their data. This advancement will sign
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  1. Nori Shaker says:

    that is fine to find map of these gut organism and targeting the unbalance that lead to all types of gut inflammation not only IBD because there are a lot of unspecified gut inflammation
    cases. Believe me there is no limit for these diseases in future and the reason of all current and future gut diseases it come from the FOOOOOOOOD. If you don’t change the manner of producing the food you can’t stop or manage these diseases.
    Thank you for your attention to my letter

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