New Educational Resource on IBD Launched for Medical Staff

New Educational Resource on IBD Launched for Medical Staff

Physicians and other healthcare professionals now have access to a new educational resource that may help increase knowledge on treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Resource Center is a free online platform launched by publisher Elsevier designed to both provide educational support and help healthcare professionals manage the condition.

At the IBD Resource Center, medical professionals can find the most recent research being conducted on IBD and credible medical opinions that are expected to help support physicians’ decisions regarding patient treatment. According to its developers, the center is a unique and peer-reviewed informational resource that provides the latest insights from key leaders in the field.

“IBD can really affect people’s lives, and as healthcare professionals we can help limit the impact the disease has on them by treating it as effectively as possible,” stated the editor of the IBD Resource Center, Alessandro Armuzzi, who also heads the IBD Unit at Complesso Integrato Columbus Catholic University, in Rome, Italy. “We hope that this new resource will give healthcare professionals the information and guidance they need to help people with the disease.”

As the editor of the online platform, Armuzzi is responsible for selecting, reviewing and approving the featured content. It is provided to healthcare professionals free of charge, giving them access to peer-reviewed research presented on the IBD Resource Center, which not only includes written articles, but also videos on IBD.

“The new Resource Centre is a smart and innovative way of bringing the latest breakthroughs in IBD research from the journal Digestive and Liver Disease to a broad, international audience. It’s an absolute privilege to work with Dr. Armuzzi on this endeavor,” said Sybrand Boer Iwema, Elsevier Publisher for journal Digestive and Liver Disease, a similar project to the IBD Resource Center. “We greatly value the strong commitment from Ferring [Pharmaceuticals] to this type of educational outreach.”

The IBD Resource Center was developed thanks to an educational grant from Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a company that conducts research projects to provide drug treatment for IBD. The executive vice president and chief medical officer of the company, Pascal Danglas, MD, emphasized that “at Ferring, we think it’s important that healthcare professionals have access to the latest peer-reviewed information.”