Investigating Dietary Choices And Searching The Microbiome For Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management Clues

Investigating Dietary Choices And Searching The Microbiome For Inflammatory Bowel Disease Management Clues
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) refers to a range of conditions resulting from chronic or recurring immune response causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. The two most common inflammatory bowel diseases are ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Each disorder is distinct in its presentation and course, and both are chronically relapsing illnesses. Inflammation affects the entire digestive tract in Crohn’s disease and only the large intestine in ulcerative colitis, but both illnesses are characterized by an abnormal response to the body’s immune system. In people with IBD, the immune system mistakes food, bacteria, and other materials in the intestine for foreign substances, which incites it to attack the cells of the intestinal walls. In the process, the body sends white blood cells into the lining of the intestines where they produce chronic inflammation. IBD is a condition that gets worse over time and causes severe gastrointestinal symptoms that can affect quality of life. Despite histological differences between ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, dietary therapy (with the exception of known efficacy of enteral therapy and CD) has often been similar for both, involving options that include increased fluids, avoidance of fatty foods, dietary fiber, and dairy products if lactose intolerant. Presently, an alteration of the intestinal microbiome is believed to be a major factor in the pathogenesis of IBD, and this change provides a possible pathway for dietary manipulations of the microbiome that may reduce inflammation in these condition.Microbiome refers to the microorganisms -- and their genes -- that inhabit a particular environment. These microorganisms that live and on us are called the human microbiome. Our gut co
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  1. The Foundation for Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Children (NIBD)! NIBD is a (501c) non-profit charity dedicated to raise awareness of the special nutrition needs of children with IBD. NIBD also supports research for the advancement of science-based nutrition as an integral part of the treatment of juvenile IBD.
    We have been established since 2002 and are so happy to see more hospitals raising awareness about the role of proper nutrition and the management of IBD.

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