Janssen Signs Licensing Agreement with Vedanta for IBD Treatment Development

Janssen Signs Licensing Agreement with Vedanta for IBD Treatment Development
Philadelphia-based Janssen Biotech, Inc., a biotechnology company with a focus on developing diagnostic assays using monoclonal antibody technology, has just signed a strategic licensing agreement with Vedanta Biosciences, an expert in microbiology and immunology. The agreement covers licensing terms for Vedanta's flagship microbiome drug candidate for autoimmune diseases, VE202, and stipulates that Janssen proceed with development and subsequent commercialization, in close collaboration with the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center in Boston. Prelinical studies for VE202 have demonstrated its potential as an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) treatment, among other autoimmune conditions simulated in animal models. “For us at Janssen, the human microbiome is a strategic area of research and development and we have formed a number of exciting biotech and academic collaborations in this promising scientific space,” said Sue Dillon, Global Therapeutic Area Head, Immunology, Janssen Research & Development, LLC. “Today, we are excited to license a potential microbiome pharmaceutical candidate for inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.” According to the contract, Vedanta is entitled to an up-front payment, followed by development and commercialization milestone payments for VE202's IBD indication, expected to reach a to
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