Study Links Pathogenic Gut Bacteria and IBD

Study Links Pathogenic Gut Bacteria and IBD
Pathogenic gut bacteria and IBDThere is a delicate balance in the human gastrointestinal tract between the potentially harmful bacteria consumed through daily nutrition and the "normal flora or "good bacteria" that play key roles in maintaining digestive health. What's impressive is the human gut is home to roughly 100 trillion microbiota. That's 10 times more than all the body's cells combined.

Some scientists even consider these microorganisms as a kind of "forgotten organ" because of all the good they do for their host body. However, there are situations, such as those focused on in a recent study from Yale University, where certain gut bacteria trigger and aggravate inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The researchers believe these bacteria behave the way they do according to the body's immune responses.

According to Richard Flavell, the Sterling Professor of Immunobiology at the Yale School of Medicine, some harmful pathogens still manage

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