Peptide-Based Oral Drugs for Bowel Diseases Closer to Development

Peptide-Based Oral Drugs for Bowel Diseases Closer to Development
UQlogoUniversity of Queensland's spin-off biotech company Protagonist Therapeutics is getting closer to developing peptide-based first-in-class oral drugs Protagonistfor treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) including Crohn's disease (CD) and ulce
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  1. Dawn Shelton says:

    Bravo to these intelligent researchers and scientists. Your work is appreciated. Please continue as we desperately need a cure for Crohn’s!

  2. Dan G says:

    I wanted to thank every one of you guys working on these treatments! A few months ago, I lost 25lbs in 1 month as my 2nd child was born. I then gained 42lbs the following 2 months as I was under the influence of large doses of Prednisone. My family also suffered as I was too weak and emotionally compromised by the pain and prednisone side effects such as waking up 6 times a night for bathroom visits. Colitis had ravaged my colon and my family.
    I’m now on Entyvio and almost 100%, but still working off the issues prednisone has left behind. I’m finally able to be a good father but I fear the drug will stop being effective as it has with my mom. I hope these drugs work and bring you guys great riches as it will be well deserved.
    Again, thanks so much!

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